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Design that changes Lives – Proximity Designs – Ep 009


The image above shows Proximity Designs staff developing new products.

This episode is part of a podcast series called “Entrepreneurs & Economic Development” talking to entrepreneurs using business and technology to solve problems at the Bottom of the Pyramid. Listen to the interview by clicking play above. 

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Today’s Guest

Jim Taylor, the Co-Founder and Chief Executive (CEO) of Proximity Designs a Burmese company that designs and distributes products to increase earning potential and improve livelihoods for the worlds poorest.

You will learn:

  • How a job in Mississippi started Jim’s international social venture career
  • The History of Proximity Designs
  • How agriculture pumps and livestock loans can change lives
  • Developing an international corporate culture in an Emerging Market
  • Managing distribution and regional staff in a rapidly changing Burma
  • Fun Question: Jim’s favourite vacation destination in Burma

Great Quotes

[bctt tweet=”You exist to serve a customer @ProximityDesign #Tech4Dev”]

[bctt tweet=”Myanmar is experiencing an uncorking of potential @ProximityDesign #SocEnt”]

[bctt tweet=”The difference between a company and an NGO: After-sales service #Impact “]

Treadle Pump


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