Solar in the Khmer Kingdom – Kamworks – Ep010


The image above shows a Kamworks Solar Home System (SHS) in action.

This episode is part of a podcast series called “Entrepreneurs & Economic Development” talking to entrepreneurs using business and technology to solve problems at the Bottom of the Pyramid. Listen to the interview by clicking play above. 

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Today’s Guest

Jeroen Verschelling, the Co-Founder and Chairman of Kamworks a renewable energy solutions provider based in Cambodia. Kamworks assembles and distributes branded solar products throughout Cambodia.

You will learn:

  • How a Dutch renewable energy consultant started a solar company in South East Asia
  • How a Mobile Money Partnership with Wing, a PAYG Solar Home System(SHS) and Kiva allows Kamworks to extend credit
  • A description of Kamworks’ PAYG Solar Home System
  • Differences between the African solar market and the Cambodian solar market
  • The human centred design story of dutch university students in Cambodian villages developing their ‘Moonlight’ product and winning participatory design awards
  • Changes in the Cambodian Energy market with new hydro dams and other energy projects coming online

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