Sauder Africa Initiative provides a free three week course on Entrepreneurship in Nairobi, Kenya to youth between 18-25 years old.

Volunteer Organization

Sauder Africa Initiative (SAI)

SAI is a program run by the Sauder Business School at the University of British Columbia (UBC) bringing students to Africa for a co-learning experience. The Kenyan students learn basic business skills and the Canadian students learn about Kenya.


Our Task


Teaching entrepreneurship and business plan writing to a class of 20 Kenyan youth. Upon the program’s completion Ryan personally funded multiple ventures creating new jobs by working with a Kenyan partner.

Skills Involved


  • Public Speaking
  • Teaching

Ryan was highly recommended to us through Sauder’s alumni network and joined the Sauder Africa Initiative team on the ground in Kenya. He was an exceptional leader in the classroom and brought a lot of value to our students. He was highly adaptable to different situations and his entrepreneurial mindset and knowledge was unique on the team.

Martina ValkovicovaProgram Lead