Health Care Access in Kenya – Penda Health – Ep 013


The image above shows the opening of a Penda Health Clinic.

This episode is part of a podcast series called “Entrepreneurs & Economic Development” talking to entrepreneurs using business and technology to solve problems at the Bottom of the Pyramid. Listen to the interview by clicking play above. 

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Today’s Guest

Stephanie Koczela is the co-founder of Penda Health, a Kenyan company providing high quality affordable health services around Nairobi.

You will learn:

  • How a paper on maternal health in Kenya sparked the interest of an American exchange student in Nairobi that blossomed years later into Penda Health
  • From Conversation to Clinic in 6 months : The birth of Penda Health
  • Piloting 101: Open good clinics, be nice to people, see if patients come
  • 3 Key Customer Service Factors:
    • a Smile
    • a Balloon (for Kids)
    • Greet all customers like you would your grandmother
  • Impact Investing, Patient Capital & Crowdfunding
  • Running a clinic starts with a landlord, replacing plumbing and electrical and ends with keeping your staff and customers happy
  • How to pick a clinic location
    • 1) Density
    • 2) Insurance Levels
    • 3) Ability to pay
    • 4) Great landlords!
  • Stephanie’s wish : A weigh scale that can stand up to difficult African conditions and high use
  • Stephanie’s Nairobi Gems:
    • Nairobi West – South C (Chicken Roasters – Outdoor Area)
    • Awash – Ethiopian Restaurant

Great Quotes

[bctt tweet=”2 Main factors in choosing to deliver in hospital in #kenya – Economics & User Experience @PendaHealth”]

[bctt tweet=”Average #Kenyan clinic sees 30 patients/day, we see 50-60 – @PendaHealth”]

[bctt tweet=”How a balloon and a #smile are helping change the face of Kenyan #medical clinics – @PendaHealth”]

[bctt tweet=”Greet the customer like you would your #grandmother- @PendaHealth #customercare”]

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