Ep 005: Juabar – Empowering Village Entrepreneurs


The above image shows the Juabar Design unit in a Tanzanian village.

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This episode is part of a podcast series called “Entrepreneurs & Economic Development” talking to entrepreneurs using business and technology to solve problems at the Bottom of the Pyramid. Listen to the interview by clicking play above. 

Today’s Guest

Olivia Nava, CEO of Juabar Designs a solar cell phone kiosk business out of Tanzania.

You will learn:

  • Olivia’s Background, Non-Profits to Business School
  • Advice for College Graduates looking to work Internationally
  • The History of Juabar
  • How they select entrepreneurs at the village level
  • How they measure Success
  • Juabar’s phone charging franchise on wheels
  • Linking the formal & informal economies in Emerging Markets

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 Olivia and Juabar’s info:

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